Superfood is a word thrown around a lot these days. Basically its a loose term attached to a food that has supernatural powers and can save the world! Kidding, but really all jokes a side a super food contains biochemicals that therapeutically affect your body. Take acai and cacao – they argue to each be the highest concentrated food source of antioxidants, debates will champion each as the winner. They’re both pretty good in my book! Basically the pigment in acai is anthrocyanin which gives it the lovely rich purple/bluey colour. They are great for your eyesight and capillary integrity. Cacao contains flavonoids which are great anti inflammatory, anti allergic and strengthen blood vessels and capillaries. This smoothie helps introduce acai in a powder form, which can sometimes have a dominating taste if you aren’t used to it. Try it and see how you like it, and familiarise yourself with the flavour!

Throw into your Vitamix:

– 1 frozen banana

– 5 strawberries

– 1 heaped tablespoon of acai powder

– 1 tsp maca powder

– 1 tsp cacao

– 1/2 cup almond milk

– tsp pre& probiotics

Sprinkle with chia seeds, goji berries and some almonds and eat it with a spoon! mmmmmmm

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