Making gradual changes day by day to be healthier will pay off in the long run. You will notice an improvement in how you feel and flow through life, and you will thank yourself in the future. Here are 10 tips on how your journey to a healthier you will be easier!

  1. Analyse your liquid intake. Are you getting enough throughout the day? Is it quality fluid? Drinks are the most sinister of all the things we consume because they look so simple! Always look at the ingredients, specifically at the sugar content. Sports drinks seem like a good option after the gym, but they still contain roughly 9tsps of sugar! That’s 1 less than a bottle of coke! Also be aware of sugar free drinks, as the nasties that are used to sweeten them have been linked to an array of strange illnesses. If you’re in doubt, plain old water will always do the trick (:
  2. Chew your food. This is a great strategy to try if you find yourself mindlessly or over eating. Take small bites and chew each one at least 20 times. This will help your stomach juices prepare for what’s coming, and begin digestion of proteins as they will be broken to smaller pieces by your teeth for your stomach to start working on. Enzymes in your saliva will even start digesting carbohydrates in your mouth! You will find that you enjoy your food more, and reduce problems such as indigestion and bloating.
  3. Sleep more! We all need more sleep. If you have trouble falling asleep early, train yourself by getting into bed early and following a routine every evening. Look at your sleep hygiene. Are you bringing your laptop or mobile into bed with you to keep working? Make it a sacred space. Use candles instead of lights for the hour before you sleep as yellow light helps you relax. Burn some soothing lavender oil, try some meditation and deep breathing and aim to be in bed at the same time every night.10pm is optimal.
  4. Connect with your inner self. 5 – 10 mins quiet time per day to listen to your inner chatter. What tone is your internal voice using? Switch your internal voice to cheer for Team You! Don’t be so tough on yourself. Listen to what your thoughts are saying and make them positive. You will feel happier and more peaceful.
  5. Eat good quality protein at every meal. Protein is so so important on a multitude of levels. It increases satiety, provides amino acids for muscle health and maintenance, supports hair and nail growth, provides essential nutrients for mental health and brain function and even helps maintain blood sugar levels. Consider supplementing with a good quality alkalising protein powder if you feel you’re struggling to meet the requirements.

! – when choosing meats, think of your ideal protein portion size as the size and thickness of the palm of your hand

  1. Cut out low fat products. Fat isn’t the enemy, sugar is! And guess what they use to replace the flavour that fat provides..sugar. Remember we need fat for our hormones, our eyes, skin and brain function. As long as your intake is moderate and of the right kinds, you will be fine (:
  2. Cleanse your space. Open your windows once a day to clear the air, even on cold days. It will help reduce build up of toxins. Dust regularly and vacuum your bed and pillows once a week when you change your sheets to decrease dust and mould build up.
  3. Assess your alcohol and tobacco usage. We hear it all the time but it has to be said. Exposure to these chemicals has proven effects on your health. See my article about quitting smoking, or seek further guidance from your GP. Count your alcohol units weekly and see where you can make changes. Are you using it as a coping method or a cover for a deeper issue? Look within and make a plan to heal outside of the bottle if need be.
  4. Eat plenty of fresh vegetables. Plants contain so many different nutrients and minerals not to forget the VIP ingredient fibre! Hide them in food if you have trouble eating them, but please learn to love them, you won’t regret it!
  5. Love yourself! Who’s going to be on Team You if even you aren’t?! Remember that your journey won’t be smooth sailing the whole way. You will slip up, forget to do something or over indulge but that’s okay! Pat yourself on the back because we are all human! Love yourself and keep going. Remember; health is a journey everlasting (:

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