Naturopathy began in the 19th century, based upon the philosophy that nature has the power to heal the body. Herbal medicine has very traditional roots, and has continuously developed its purpose into the present day with growing amounts of research to support its efficacy. Interestingly many conventional medical compounds are originally based off constituents of herbal medicines. For example the diabetic drug metformin was developed from a compound from the herbal medicine Gallega officinalis also known as Goat’s rue.

herbal medicine

A naturopathic consultation involves the same diet support as a nutritional consult, however when it comes to prescription, herbal medicines are additionally involved to assist the achievement of your health goals.

Herbs add an extra element to treatment in the form of a therapeutic ‘action’ that each herb can provide, and when prescribed in the liquid form, the formula will be tailored to your exact needs. No two scripts are the same.

Examples of herbal actions include:

  • Digestive – to assist the function of the digestive system
  • Adaptogen – to build and support your body’s resilience to stress
  • Male tonic – to support hormonal and reproductive function in males
  • Choleretic – increase the production and flow of bile
  • Hypnotic – inducing a deeper, healing sleep
  • HPO regulator – regulates the function and signalling of the hypothalamic pituitary ovarian axis

These are just some of the few herbal actions available when herbs are prescribed in your consultation. As you can see, the possibilities are quite various and unique!

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Pathology is also often included to assist the development of your case. Tests employed may include: blood testing, functional pathology such as IgG food intolerance testing, certain gene tests and salivary hormone testing.


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