Can you believe we are already one month deep into the New Year?! As life resumes after the Summer festivities it is very common to realise your weekly alcohol intake has increased! It is called silly season after all! Now there is nothing wrong with some indulgence here and there, but tapering off your alcohol intake post New Year will ensure your health is better for your year ahead.

As the year steams ahead, I’m sure many of you are continuing, or have attempted a change in habits when considering your health this year; a very common goal that comes into play at the end of January is reducing alcohol consumption. This is so important as your journey to a healthier you is all about persistence. So how can we break down the obstacles that stand in our way? Once we have recognised that there is something we can change, we must set ourself up to succeed. Think positive and motivating thoughts that surround your idea.

If you would like to reduce your alcohol consumption throughout the week then become aware of your week ahead, and set yourself up with plans for that moment when you are offered a glass of wine, or beer and take action.

Situation: Dinner (potentially boozy) with friends

Solution: If going for a drink before is on the cards, choose a non alcoholic beverage. Share a bottle of wine at dinner with others so you only have 1-2 glasses and remember to drink lots of water.


Situation: Invited out to watch some sport and have some beers with the boys.

Solution: You don’t want to miss out on the action, but don’t want a huge night then chose to drive. You are forced to limit intake based on the fact that you must drive home safely


Situation: Big night out with friends

Solution: The age old glass-of-water-between-drinks trick!!

Or make smarter drink choices like:

– light beer

– wine spritzer: half wine, half soda water [looks like champagne ;)]

– a soda water with lime will look like a vodka lime and soda!


If you’re really dedicated and enjoy a cold turkey approach, raise some money for a charity and sign up to give up drinking for a month and publicise it to friends and family for donations and support. Afterwards you’ll be a pro at managing avoiding drinking in social situations.


If you think your alcohol intake could be blanketing an emotional issue, try some meditation or mindful practices like yoga if you’re alone and find yourself reaching for a glass. Talking to a friend, or even seeking help from a professional for additional support in circumstances like this can be very rewarding and effective.


We all make mistakes and if you do take it too far just remember to be kind to yourself and don’t allow yourself to dwell on the guilt of the previous nights drinking. We’ve all been there, myself included! Make sure you rehydrate and empower yourself to succeed next time!


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