Herbal tea is an ancient drink. I can’t even begin to imagine the amount of cups of tea that are drunk each day across our globe. Herbal teas are a blessing as they can assist in a variety of health issues, as well as being a lovely relaxing break in our days.


So what are my favourite teas? I love herbal blends. At the moment in my kitchen I have 4 different Pukka teas, ginger and lemon blends, Grace by The Seventh Duchess – great for the skin, green tea, green tea with jasmine, sleepy time tea and Chinese jasmine tea. So when are these teas good to drink? All the time! Herbal tea is a great way to keep your fluids up, especially during winter. I find it so much harder to drink water because I am always feeling on the cold side, so tea is a great way to spark myself up and keep my fluid levels steady throughout the day.

Ten Herbal Tea Tips

1. Green tea should be brewed around 80 degrees Celsius to preserve the therapeutic effects of the EGCG antioxidants.

2. Always check the ingredients! Take a look at the side of the box and make sure the ingredients are all natural. Earlier this week I thought I’d discovered a great tea, but its ingredients were green tea, freeze-dried strawberries and flavour. What is flavour? Hmm I’ll stick to all natural thanks

3. Ginger root tea is a great remedy for nausea, or to help boost circulation! If you are taking it for anti nausea properties place a coaster over the top of the mug for 20 mins to prevent evaporation of the essential oils as the root steeps. This is where the anti nausea properties are – great for morning sickness!

4. A mesh tea ball is a must have for any tea heads out there! They’re great for brewing single cups of loose-leaf tea. PLUS, using one of these makes your tea habit more sustainable and affordable! Win win!

5. Look for herbal tea blends containing licorice root if you like to add sugar to your tea. You will be surprised at how sweet it tastes and you won’t need to add sugar anymore

6. Getting a take away and forgot your reusable mug? Take off the lid as soon as you can or better yet, ask for a tea without a lid. The plastic used for takeaway cup lids is full of BPA, a nasty hormone disruptor, especially when heated by liquids inside.

7. Watch out for use of citric acid in teas with “lemon” or that are lemon flavoured. It’s not hard to find ones using 100% natural ingredients and your body will be greatful.

8. Drink a cup of chamomile before you tuck up in bed to help sooth you into a restful sleep

9. Be wary of tea-tox, skinny teas etc. containing Senna as an ingredient. Senna is a laxative and if used too much your bowel can become dependent on it and you may suffer constipation if you don’t drink the tea anymore. If you wish to use teas as part of a detox seek guidance from a naturopath, AKA me!

10. Dandelion tea is a great substitute for coffee and is great for liver detoxification and stimulating digestion

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