Digestion is the key to health. Even if you’re buying the most premium nutrient rich produce, you’ve got to make sure you can reap the benefits!

Digestion begins in the mind. Think of your food before you eat it! You’ve gone to enough effort to choose it so think think think about it before you eat. Close your eyes just for a second and think of something you would LOVE to eat right now. Even if its naughty. Can you feel your mouth starting to salivate? Congratulations, this is the crucial beginning to digestion – stimulating the flow of digestive juices.

Digestive potential is modulated by a few key things!

Your mental:

The stomach is the seat of emotion. Think of ways your body responds in emotional situations – the loss of appetite when you’re upset, or nervous. Hunger when we feel sad or disconnected.

Your physical:

Some unfortunate situations hinder specific elements of digestion. This could be an autoimmune disease, removal of parts of the gut, or suffering from dysbiosis. These things all have pathways around them to help improve digestion and can be modulated with specialised treatment.

Your health:

Ensuring stomach acid is made and stimulated by ensuring sufficient nutrient levels and eating mindfully.

It’s not only what’s going on at the top end of the system, become aware of your bathroom habits too.

Digestion begins in the mouth with your teeth, and salvia, which contains enzymes to begin the breakdown of carbohydrates and fats. Protein is broken down in the stomach by hydrochloric acid so it is very important that levels of this are sufficient and that protein is chewed properly!

Ensuring enough fibre is eaten will help to stimulate peristalsis – little ripple spasms of the intestine that move the food through, allowing it to be broken down and waste eliminated. Keeping hydrated helps to keep this mixture moving!

Relaxation and gentle exercise ensure the bowels move to be opened regularly, allowing waste, toxins and old hormones to be excreted.

Don’t forget complimentary organs like the gall bladder and the liver. They help with digestion of fats and toxin removal and thoroughly benefit from good dietary habits such as lots of water and vegetable intake.

Digestion seems to be a complex system, though ensuring it functions properly is the key to health!

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