Recently I’ve felt out of balance, which lead me to think I’ve potentially had some issues balancing my blood sugars… Over the summer period I haven’t been the healthiest girl, with Christmas celebrations, working a lot, enjoying parties and time off from studies! It’s all too easy to slip from your usual health routine!

I’ve always loved my sweets but recently I’ve found myself feeling addicted to sugar. I’ve found it’s really hard to refrain from at least one sweet snack in the day. This has caused me to realise I may be battling an underlying blood sugar problem and I’m teaching my body bad habits that could damage my health in the future.

Lets look at some things I was feeling…

  • Craving sweet foods
  • Pronounced weight fluctuations (sometimes 2kgs a week)
  • Mood swings, feeling irritable when i haven’t eaten
  • Afternoon crash
  • Being unable to concentrate for long periods of time
  • Feeling tired after eating

If my body really is having issues with my blood sugars then this can have all sorts of impacts on my hormones cortisol, insulin & adrenaline, not to mention potential type 2 diabetes later in life. So how can I tackle this problem with food?

Balancing Blood Sugar tips:

  •  Ensure protein is eaten eat every meal. Main meals containing 20-40g protein are ideal. *hint 2 eggs is roughly 10g protein
  • Snack on nuts before eating fruit. Fruit is a great source of antioxidants, vitamins and minerals, however they are full of fructose which will go straight to the blood stream if eaten on an empty stomach!
  • Never drink coffee on an empty stomach
  • Minimise your refined carbohydrates… yes, they are sugar too! Swap your choices for whole grain options e.g. pasta –> quinoa/wholegrain/buckwheat/spelt pasta. Small changes will help!
  • Start your day without the taste of sweet. Don’t have a smoothie with banana and honey. Bananas are great sources of potassium but are not the ideal fruit to start your day with if you feel blood sugars are out of balance. Choose berries instead
  • Make sure you at least have a wholesome snack every 2 hours
  • Exercise at least 30 mins a day! Get off the bus 1 stop early. Get lunch at a cafe an extra block/street away. Walk after dinner with your partner/ friends/pet / by yourself. Exercise is so important as it pushes sugar from the blood stream and into skeletal muscle cells to be used as energy!
  • Make your breakfast with protein and low in sugar. 2 boiled eggs on whole grain toast with some wilted spinach and some avocado is ideal! Good fats to help you feel satisfied and protein to boot! if you’re a green smoothie fan then add a serve of Maca powder or protein powder to help it sustain you.

Balancing Smoothie Recipe

For all you smoothie heads here is a yummy and ALMOST sweet smoothie recipe! Very delicious and kept me full all morning:

  • 200mL almond milk
  • handful of berries (frozen or fresh)
  • 1tbsp cacao
  • 1 tbsp maca
  • 1 scoop raw vegan protein
  • 1 tbsp plain coconut yogurt (like coyo or similar)

Blend and enjoy a sweet(ish), satisfying and protein rich breakfast on the go!


I’ve tried some of these changes for 1 week now, and I’m already feeling much more in control of sugar!!

Book a consult with Gigi if you have any concerns about balancing blood sugars

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