Just finished making my breakfast for tomorrow morning: a chia pudding in a jar!


What you will need:
– 1 clean glass jar about 400-500mLs
– cinnamon
– chia seeds
– milk of your choice ( I used oat)
– dates
– yummy bits to add in eg goji berries, nuts, seeds, cacao nibs, anything smallish and yummy

Rinse out and dry the jar, and add 1 tsp of cinnamon in the bottom
Add 4 tbsp of chia seeds, put the lid on the jar and shake it so the cinnamon and chia seeds combine
Take off the lid and add in 2 dates (diced) and some of your other chosen additions ( I added some yogurt covered goji berries)

Shake it around a little so they are evenly mixed through

Pour in 100mL of oat milk and stir with the end of a teaspoon to combine. The chia seeds will start to swell up lots
Add another 100mL of milk (depending on your jar size) and leave in the fridge overnight to gel nicely


In the morning I will add on top:
1 tsp biodynamic yogurt
Some freshly sliced strawberries

This is a great breakfast to make as we come into summer. It’s fresh and can be made in so many different ways by changing up the toppings and additions to creat different flavours.
This combination is benefiting me as the cinnamon will balance my blood sugars, the chia will add fibre and keep my tummy feeling full as well as add a little protein. So will the oat milk.

You could try making a couple at once so you’re set for breakfast for the next few days. Great for those of you that are in a huge rush in the morning and need a quick fix.
Bonus! It’s in a jar so you literally can take it anywhere! No excuses now 😛

Gigi xxx

* if you wish for a sweeter taste, try adding some honey in and mixing it through after you add the oat milk

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