Have you wondered what naturopathy is about? Or wondered if a naturopath is the right practitioner for your health concerns? Why not organise a free 15 minute discovery call with Gigi?

A 15 minute discovery call is perfect for you if you are wondering if Naturopathy will assist you in tackling your health challenges.

A discovery call is an obligation free phone call – anyone new to Health by Gigi is welcome!

Gigi can answer questions around your health concerns, pathology testing, and help you organise the next steps towards feeling better.

To organise your free call, please email Gigi at gigi@healthbygigi.com and she can organise a time that suits you.

Find out if seeing a Naturopath is what you need at this stage of your health journey.

phone call

Please note: available to new clients of Health by Gigi only. The advice received in the call is general and not substitute for personalised information received in a proper consultation.