Naturopathy can be employed for many aspects of health and wellbeing, including when you choose to enhance your appearance with cosmetic surgery.

Cosmetic Naturopathy – what is it?

Cosmetic naturopathy encompasses the use of herbs and nutrients to assist in anti-ageing processes, as well as preparation and recovery assistance for cosmetic surgery.

Cosmetic surgery is an expensive and personal journey that many people undertake for many different reasons. The correct recovery and preparation can really enhance your experience and results and make the overall experience more comfortable.

It is a huge investment and one that you want the most perfect outcomes for. 

Gigi offers 1 on 1 personalised preparation and recovery plans for anyone undergoing an upcoming cosmetic surgery.

Gigi has applied these healing techniques to herself following several surgeries, leaving her with a wealth of knowledge on how to support your journey through surgery.

  • Achieve your goal weight 
  • Build resilience for surgery
  • Support detoxification of anaesthesia 
  • Address side effects of recovery medication (constipation, nausea, thrush etc) 
  • Support tissue and nerve healing, collagen production and the reduction of scarring. 

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Please note this can be applied to healing and scar management for regular surgical procedures as well.

Preparation is recommended to begin 3 months out from surgery, and can be guided all the way into your post op healing months of around 12 weeks.

Gigi can answer any questions you have around your surgery preparation and how naturopathy can assist you. She can answer any questions you may have in a 15 minute discovery call.

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